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Infant microbiota: the breast milk feeding mode counts

Among other factors, the use of a breast pump seems to be less beneficial for the health and development of newborns than breastfeeding, according to a Canadian study focusing on the composition of breast milk microbiota.   Breast milk is not sterile and the flora it hosts contributes to ...

Peripartum prophylactic antibiotic therapy decreases bifidobacterium levels in breast milk

Peripartum preventive antibiotic therapy changes the bacterial composition of breast milk. Levels of Bifidobacterium, bacteria that are beneficial to the development of newborns, are significantly reduced in the days following delivery.   Prophylactic antibiotic therapy is necessary to re...

Respiratory infections in infants: the role of the microbiota

Respiratory infections in infants may be influenced by the respiratory microbiota.   The quality of respiratory microbiota development plays a role in the risk of developing  respiratory infections during the first months of life, and is influenced by various environmental factors. T...
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Nutritional modulation

The composition of intestinal microbiota depends on what food is ingested and has consequences on overall metabolism. Intestinal microbiota starts developing at birth, and its composition is influenced by what we eat. Food intake can therefore play a role – good or bad – in the modulation of inte...
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