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Antibiotic exposure during first six years of life disrupts gut microbiota and impairs child growth

A recent study has shown that exposure to antibiotics during the first six years of life disrupts the gut microbiota over the long term and impairs child growth. Newborns subjected to antibiotic therapy reportedly exhibit an altered gut microbiota composition. However, the clinical or microbiolog...

Depression: more accurate diagnosis thanks to the gut microbiota?

Two recent studies have opened up new avenues for the diagnosis and treatment of depressive disorders by analyzing the composition and metabolome of the gut microbiota.   In recent years, many studies have examined the link between gut dysbiosis and depression, a condition that affects mo...

Covid-19: gut microbiota involved?

The gut microbiota may influence the severity of Covid-19 via the modulation of immune responses. A dysbiosis seems to persist in infected patients even after the virus is eliminated.   Although Covid-19 is primarily a respiratory illness, recent work has pointed to the involvement of the...
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