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Is fecal transplant a solution to prevent antibiotic resistance in immunocompromised patients?

According to a French-Italian study, the efficacy and safety of fecal microbiota transplant have been confirmed for the treatment of multi-drug resistant bacterial infections, even in immunocompromised patients.   “One of the greatest threats against global health, food safety, and develo...

Ulcerative colitis: an innovative fecal transplant protocol

Preservation of anaerobic microorganisms in fecal transplants could lead to a less intensive but just as efficient treatment as standard methods in patients with ulcerative colitis.   While the involvement of the gut microbiota in chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s and ulcerativ...

Fecal transplant: a solution for ici-induced colitis?

A preliminary trial with two patients showed that an allogeneic fecal microbiota transplant could help resorb refractory immune checkpoint inhibitor-associated colitis. This avenue remains to be explored as the field of immuno-oncology is blossoming.   The latest therapeutic advances in o...
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Fecal transplants

Fecal transplant consists of implanting a healthy microbiota through natural passages into a patient to restore their microbial ecosystem. Fecal transplant is an intervention that has been known and practiced for a long time, since the first signs of its use appear in China in the 4th century. Ho...
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