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Gut fungal dysbiosis: what role in cirrhosis?

The gut mycobiota is believed to be involved in the development of cirrhosis and its complications, and as such should be considered when making therapeutic choices. A bacteria/fungi ratio could even be used as a predictor for the risk of hospitalization.   As their immune system is weake...

How is the mycobiota established in newborns?

At this time, fungal populations in newborns and their long-term impact on health have been very little studied. In babies aged  0 to 1 month, their characterization shows low diversity and relative stability but site-dependent variations, linked in part to the mode of delivery.   Th...

The role of fungal microbiota in asthma

The link between dysbiosis and childhood asthma is created in the early months of life. A study conducted in rural Ecuador paves the way for new means to prevent the disease by stimulating protective bacteria and fungi.   In 2016, an international team that studied Canadian children disco...
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Vaginal yeast infection

Vaginal yeast infection, a common fungal infection of the vulva and vagina, seems to be more likely to occur if the balance of the vaginal microbiota is disrupted. Treatment is increasingly directed towards the use of probiotics.
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