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Microbiota have also their Day, they give you "rendez vous" on the 27th of June,
the World Microbiome Day will put the spotlight on them.
For over four years, the Biocodex Microbiota Institute has been teaching us
about the large impact of the work that these microorganisms do.
Celebrate the day by coming to meet them and find out all of their secrets. Their world is bursting with variety!

BMI 20.14 23.06.20


A new series of videos, MICROREVEAL, unveils
the roles microbiota play in our day to day lives.
Learn alongside journalist Louise Ekland. With the help of an expert, Louise discovers a new world the universe of microbiota.

In this first episode, we’ll put the spotlight on vaginal microbiota which is important for good intimate health. 

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Did you know that several microbiota live in our bodies?
The intestinal microbiota (or intestinal flora) does, of course, but there are also many others!
For World Microbiome Day, come and discover ear, nose and throat, lung, cutaneous, urinary and vaginal microbiota.

BMI 20.15 27.07.20