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Is the gut microbiota a good indicator of longevity?

The older we get, the more unique our gut microbiota becomes. This uniqueness seems to predict healthy ageing and longer life expectancy among the elderly. All good reasons to pamper your microbiota! In ancient times, the haruspex1 read the future in the entrails of sacrificed animals. In the nea...

Is the gut microbiota the new secret of youth?

What if rejuvenating the gut microbiota is all we need to do to preserve certain brain functions? Scientists are taking this idea very seriously in the hope of preventing age-related memory problems.   Memory loss, spatial orientation difficulties, anxiety disorders, etc.: ageing is often...

Can an analysis of the gut microbiota determine the risk of osteoporosis?

Will we soon be able to detect osteoporosis through a simple stool analysis? Better still, will the composition of the gut microbiota one day serve as a target for preventive or curative treatments for this increasingly common disease? There is hope...   Decreased bone mass, damage to bon...
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