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Can an analysis of the gut microbiota determine the risk of osteoporosis?

Will we soon be able to detect osteoporosis through a simple stool analysis? Better still, will the composition of the gut microbiota one day serve as a target for preventive or curative treatments for this increasingly common disease? There is hope...   Decreased bone mass, damage to bon...

Does the Mediterranean diet protect the elderly against frailty?

Thanks to its beneficial effects on the gut microbiota, the Mediterranean diet is considered the best defense against age-related frailty syndrome.   Ageing is associated with the deterioration of numerous body functions and generalized inflammation, which contribute to frailty syndrome* ...

Towards bacterial rejuvenation?

Researchers have identified specific gut bacteria that could tell a person’s age with relative precision. Should we expect the creation of a bacterial rejuvenating cocktail in the near future? It does not seem likely…   A wealth of information is hidden within the intestinal flora: diseas...
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