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Does the Mediterranean diet protect the elderly against frailty?

Thanks to its beneficial effects on the gut microbiota, the Mediterranean diet is considered the best defense against age-related frailty syndrome.   Ageing is associated with the deterioration of numerous body functions and generalized inflammation, which contribute to frailty syndrome* ...

Towards bacterial rejuvenation?

Researchers have identified specific gut bacteria that could tell a person’s age with relative precision. Should we expect the creation of a bacterial rejuvenating cocktail in the near future? It does not seem likely…   A wealth of information is hidden within the intestinal flora: diseas...

Longer and healthier living through bacteria!

Will we be able to slow down the effects of aging someday? There is now hope, according to the results of a study that say it’s just a matter of restoring our intestinal flora.   Although we want to increase our lifespans, we wish to do so and remain in good health. Many studies have show...
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