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Ease up on the cleaning: dust may protect against asthma!

Eradicating dust to prevent childhood asthma may be useless, even counterproductive: the microbiota of certain allergens may have a protective effect.   Asthma, the number one chronic disease in children, may be linked to early exposure to environmental or psychosocial risk factors. The e...

Being born on a farm MAY prevent contact allergies

Being born and raised on a farm may prevent allergies, but the underlying immunological mechanisms are still poorly understood. Swiss researchers pursued this idea by comparing groups of mice to whose skin they applied allergenic substances. Some were born and raised on a farm, the others in the lab...

Young mothers, do not get rid of your pet: it could prevent your baby from having allergies and becoming obese!

By modulating the composition of newborns’ intestinal microbiota, pets reduce the risk of later developing an allergy or obesity in adulthood.   This is the astonishing conclusion reached by Canadian researchers who examined 746 newborns. Their study, published in the journal Microbiome, ...
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Sneezing, runny nose ... pollens are not the only culprits! And while the intestinal microbiota also has its share of responsibility ...
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Allergies: the role of microbiota

Recent scientific publications have added new data on the involvement of the various microbiota in asthma, food allergies (eggs, milk, peanuts, etc.), allergic rhinitis, and atopic dermatitis. For example, we are told that Staphylococcus aureus causes atopic dermatitis. Recent analyses have shown...
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