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A little farm dust for your asthma?

Previous studies have shown that growing up in a farm protects against asthma and allergies. This time, researchers tried to dig deeper by analyzing the microbial composition of dust in farm homes vs. non-farm homes. Objective: identifying an indoor microbiota that promotes good health.   ...

Are cow’s milk allergy and gut microbiota related?

Could we prevent and/or cure cow's milk protein allergy by restoring the microbiota of at-risk children? This hypothesis seems to be confirmed by studies published in the Nature Medicine journal.   Cow's milk protein allergy affects a lot of newborns fed with infant formula. It appears as...

Is it possible to prevent allergies by feeding cheese to your children?

A European study shows that children who eat cheese from the age of 18 months are less prone to developing allergies during their first six years of life.   Cheddar, Stilton, blue cheese or camembert … To prevent the onset of food and skin allergies, children’s diet should include signifi...
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Sneezing, runny nose ... pollens are not the only culprits! And while the intestinal microbiota also has its share of responsibility ...
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Allergies: the role of microbiota

Recent scientific publications have added new data on the involvement of the various microbiota in asthma, food allergies (eggs, milk, peanuts, etc.), allergic rhinitis, and atopic dermatitis. For example, we are told that Staphylococcus aureus causes atopic dermatitis. Recent analyses have shown...
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