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Multi-drug resistant bacteria traveled through space

In March 2015, astronauts discovered 5 antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains in the toilet and the exercise platform of the International Space Station (ISS).   It may sound funny, but NASA researchers took this discovery very seriously. In the BMC Microbiology journal, a team from the p...

The end of ugly bath ducklings?

Rubber bath toys are a cornucopia for bacteria and fungi which are potential disease initiators. A study gives details of their risk factors and the measures to protect ourselves against them.   A delight for children enjoying a bath time splash, bath toys which spray water are nonetheles...

Adverse drug reactions caused by interactions with the microbiota?

Antibiotics are not the only therapeutic class to disrupt the intestinal microbiota, according to studies shedding new light on the mechanisms of interaction which may be involved in the adverse effects of many drugs.   “Antibiotics are not automatic”: this slogan, which aims to limit the...
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