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Immunotherapy and antibiotics don’t get along

The success of immunotherapy in cancer treatment may be linked to the composition of the patients’ intestinal microbiota, according to a French study.   Immunotherapy, despite representing a real revolution in the treatment for certain cancers (malignant melanoma, lung, kidney, or bladder...

Antibiotic cream make cutaneous infections more likely

Antibiotics and antiseptics disrupt skin microbiota, which increases the risk of colonization by pathogenic bacteria   Although soap is useful for removing bacteria picked up from the environment, it isn’t good to remove all bacteria from the skin. A study conducted at the University of P...

Dietary supplements for acne?

Acne is a complex skin disease that involves several mechanisms. Among them, the colonization of the cutaneous microbiota by Propionibacterium acnes requires this cutaneous condition to be treated with antibiotics. However, the massive use of these medications poses its own problems (development of ...
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Gastroenteritis and other types of infectious diarrhea -  When your microbiota is struggling

For example, we are told that antibiotics not only target pathogens. Although antibiotics eradicate pathogenic germs responsible for infections, they can also destroy some beneficial bacteria of the gut microbiota and lead to an imbalance that can in turn cause diarrhea. Between 10% and 30% of patie...
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