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Dogs and dust microbiota in asthma prevention: a masterstroke?

Dogs not only bring affection and entertainment into the home, their presence also modifies the dust microbiota, which may have a preventive and protective effect against asthma for young dog owners.   All dog owners have experienced it: their pooch sheds hair everywhere, testing the pati...

Asthma: breathing in some fresh air on the farm!

Growing up on a farm is thought to have a protective effect against asthma. The key period appears to be the first 12 months of life, thanks in part to an environment beneficial to the gut microbiome, and to the existence of a gut-lung axis. With many city dwellers currently considering leaving t...

Microbiota, asthma and antibiotics: it’s all in the nose!

We know that infants exposed to antibiotics are more likely to develop asthma at a later stage in life but science still struggles to explain the mechanisms behind this correlation. One clue seems to be right under our nose, or rather inside it! The nasal microbiota appears to play a central role. ...
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Allergies: the role of microbiota

Recent scientific publications have added new data on the involvement of the various microbiota in asthma, food allergies (eggs, milk, peanuts, etc.), allergic rhinitis, and atopic dermatitis. For example, we are told that Staphylococcus aureus causes atopic dermatitis. Recent analyses have shown...
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