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Choose your cleaning supplies carefully to shield your children from obesity!

Some household cleaning products have an impact on the gut microbiota of newborns. Those that are used as disinfectants could promote even more the development of bacteria associated to higher obesity rates later in life.   Less is often more. This saying can also be applied to house clea...

Genesis of intestinal flora in babies: where are we now?

Does microbial colonization begin in utero? A review published in the journal Nature summarizes the history of research and opinions on a controversial subject which has not yet yielded all its secrets.   Experts have long considered the uterus to be a completely sterile environment. This...

breastfeeding is essential to the formation of the intestinal microbiota

Breastfeeding is essential to constituting a newborn’s intestinal microbiota, confirms a new study published in the journal Jama Pediatrics.   A baby’s intestinal microbiota develops over the course of the first months of its life: the child’s health depends on the quality of its microbio...
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