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Bees: gut microbiota is key to the unique scent shared by nestmates

Honey bees from the same hive can recognize each other based on a specific scent influenced by their gut microbiota. Intruders with the wrong microbiota and wrong scent beware!   As you probably know, Maya the Bee lives surrounded by her half-sisters, since the queen spends her life produ...

Glyphosate disrupts the gut microbiota of bees

An American study showed that the most commonly used herbicide in the world seems to modify the gut microbiota* of foraging bees. This alteration could make them more susceptible to opportunistic infections and increase their mortality rate.   Manufacturers of glyphosate insist that their...

Each bee has its own role and its own flora

Bees are the champions of the division of labor. A study shows how their social status influences the bacteria and fungi of their intestinal flora. Valuable information, both for honey lovers and for the planet.   The life of a honey bee is not a long quiet river, except perhaps for a que...
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