Does our intestinal microbiota make us food-dependent?

Could intestinal bacteria have an impact on the risk of food addiction and obesity? To find this out, the gut-brain communication pathway was investigated by an American team, who established a relationship for the first time.   Fighting an irresistible desire to tickle the taste buds som...

Could our personality be related to our microbiota?

Several studies carried out in humans described the influence of the intestinal microbiota on emotional behaviors through connexions between intestine and brain, although the underlying mechanisms are not yet fully understood. Could our microbiota shape our personality?   A Korean team tr...

Diet has effects on behavior

According to a study, diet may be a new hope for treating many diseases.   They are many ways to affect our intestinal microbiota: taking prebiotics and probiotics, or changing our diet. That’s the principle behind the “The Gut Makeover” program, whose original goal was to enable particip...
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