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Is our temperament influenced by our gut microbiota?

The gut microbiota of a two-month-and-a-half-old baby could be associated to their personality traits at six months, according to the results of an international study that confirm the hypothesis of a link between gut bacteria and our behavior.   The first months of life are key to the ba...

Do food additives have an impact on behavior?

Food additives are already known to be bad for our health, but they could also disrupt the gut microbiota and have an impact on behavior, according to a recent study. This hypothesis could very well lead us to reconsider our dietary habits.   They have taken over supermarket shelves and a...

Does our intestinal microbiota make us food-dependent?

Could intestinal bacteria have an impact on the risk of food addiction and obesity? To find this out, the gut-brain communication pathway was investigated by an American team, who established a relationship for the first time.   Fighting an irresistible desire to tickle the taste buds som...
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