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When gut flora from obese donors helps terminally ill cancer patients

The gut flora of overweight or obese patients may partly explain their weight gain. Could it allow terminally ill cancer patients to gain back lost weight? This is what a team of researchers set out to discover. Cachexia brings forward images of weakened hunger strikers or patients in their last ...

Gut microbiota, a reflection of our thyroid?

Our gut microbiota could reflect the state of our thyroid’s health, according to a Chinese study that brings to light the link between its composition and the risk of contracting thyroid nodules and cancer. A first step towards the development of potentially useful probiotics?   Thyroid d...

Alcohol: your oral microbiota takes a hit!

Alcohol attacks the organism and is a source of cancer. An American team tried to understand the effect of alcohol on the oral flora and its consequences.   More than 700 microorganisms—bacteria, viruses, fungi—make up the oral microbiota. Impairment of this flora is a source of cardiac d...
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