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Can artificial intelligence diagnose cardiovascular disease using stool samples?

Is it unrealistic to train machines to “read” stool samples and help diagnosing cardiovascular disease? No, according to a recent study which found this original approach to be almost as effective as existing diagnostic techniques and, more importantly, much less time-consuming.   Cardiov...

Hypertension: when the microbiota rubs salt in the wound

One less pinch of salt could be enough to change the gut microbiota of hypertensive women. Their bacteria could increase the production of beneficial fatty acids, which, once in their bloodstream, could decrease their blood pressure and their arterial stiffness.   People with hypertension...

Red meat and cardiovascular diseases: the role of the gut microbiota

Why do red meat lovers have a higher cardiovascular risk? Probably because of their increased blood TMAO levels, a molecule produced by gut microbiota bacteria, according to a study published in the European Heart Journal.   The gut microbiota has already been shown in animal models to be...
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