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Autism: when the gut calls the shots

The gut is often referred to as our second brain. For good reason, since it seems to be intimately linked to the ‘first’ brain. The quality of the gut microbiota is a gauge of our morale, our behavior and even our mental health, and may also influence the severity of symptoms in neurobiological dise...

More nature to strengthen the microbiota?

Biodiversity and microbiota: a natural relationship! The first of its kind, a Finnish study has demonstrated the benefits of nature for young children’s skin and gut microbiota and immune system.   Asphalt, detergents, antibiotics, and processed foods are the flipside of modern society: t...

Can we evaluate the risk of childhood obesity based on the intestinal flora?

The composition of the gut microbiota of a two-year old child could predict their subsequent risk of obesity, according to a Norwegian study that opens up new outlooks on the prevention of this disorder that keeps gaining ground all over the world.   Although poor diet and insufficient ph...
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