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Microbiota and infantile food allergies: an association under the microscope

A team of American researchers tried to better understand the possible causal link between the composition of the intestinal microbiota and the onset of sensitization and/or an allergy to certain foods in children under three years old   Food allergies can cause very sudden, virulent reac...

A better understanding of infantile asthma through the lung microbiota

Knowledge of the specific impact of the lung microbiota on childhood asthma–an expanding field of research–is still limited. To find out more, Korean researchers conducted a very detailed genetic analysis.   Their initial hypothesis was that the differences between the study groups could ...

Preadolescent acne: the better we can identify cutaneous microbiota, the better the treatment will be

Identifying prepubescent children’s cutaneous microbiota may change how we treat their acne, an American study suggests.   Adolescents are not the only ones to suffer from acne; some adults and three-quarters of prepubescent children are also affected. Unlike adolescents and adults, for w...
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