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Tobacco could impair the microbial diversity of the small intestine

The intestinal flora of smokers is less rich and less diversified than that of non-smokers. This difference is likely to encourage the development of gastrointestinal diseases, according to Australian researchers who have conducted the very first study on the harmful effect of tobacco on the duodena...

Vaping and smoking: do they have the same impact on the microbiota?

According to an American study, contrary to smokers, electronic cigarette users have a similar bacterial profile to that of non-smokers, in the intestines, mouth and saliva.   Presented as an alternative to smoking, and especially as a means to stop smoking, e-cigarettes are increasingly ...

Tobacco, gynecological troublemaker

Tobacco consumption modifies both the flora and the metabolites of the vagina. These changes live women open to an increased risk of urogenital infections and of developing unpleasant odors.   Smoking kills… vaginal microbiota diversity. Women who smoke display an imbalance of their intim...
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