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Cavities: the major role of fungi

Bacteria may not be the only causes of cavity formation. Certain fungi of the oral microbiota could play a major role in cavity development and severity, while other fungi could have a protective effect.   Despite progress regarding prevention, dental caries or cavities remain one of the ...

Goodbye cavities? It could be possible thanks to Lactobacillus plantarum!

Dental cavities are the most common oral disease in the world and a major public health issue. Lactobacillus plantarum, a bacterium naturally present in the oral microbiota, could reduce its frequency, according to South Korean researchers.   A cavity that is not adequately treated can ge...

Identifying the bacteria that cause cavities

The oral microbiota varies depending on how healthy your teeth are (whether or not you have cavities) but we still don’t fully understand how it changes when a cavity forms.   The sugars we eat are fermented by bacteria in the dental plaque, which makes the mouth more acidic. When it happ...
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