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Impact of antibiotics on the gut microbiota

A major medical discovery of the 20th century, antibiotics have saved millions of lives, but their excessive and often inappropriate use has led to the emergence of multiple forms of antibiotic resistance. This past November, the WHO publicly highlighted the importance of using antibiotics prudently...

Learn how to handle antibiotics with care

From November 18 to 24, the World Health Organization is hosting the World Antibiotic Awareness Week. Hailed as one of the greatest advances of the 20th century, antibiotics have saved millions of lives. But they also have an impact on our microbiota. As an expert on the subject, the Biocodex Microb...

MICROREVEAL no. 2: A closer look at intestinal microbiota

Our series returns with a 2nd episode devoted to intestinal microbiota, an indispensable ally for our health. Explore this fascinating world alongside Louise and Julie.   Microbiota: At the heart of our health The MICROREVEAL series aims to raise awareness about the importance of micro...
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Gastroenteritis and other types of infectious diarrhea -  When your microbiota is struggling

For example, we are told that antibiotics not only target pathogens. Although antibiotics eradicate pathogenic germs responsible for infections, they can also destroy some beneficial bacteria of the gut microbiota and lead to an imbalance that can in turn cause diarrhea. Between 10% and 30% of patie...
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