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Effects of intermittent fasting on the gut microbiota

Whether for religious reasons or as part of the fasting trend, intermittent fasting is likely to have an impact on our gut microbiota. Although demonstrated in mice, no study had, until now, been carried out among humans and even less so during Ramadan.   Fasting and its effects on the ma...

Is the gut microbiota the key to high-quality sleep?

Are you sleepy during this lockdown? This is normal during a period of stress, the quality of our sleep can be disturbed. Don't underestimate the gut-brain axis: taking care of your gut microbiota (or gut flora) would affect mental and physical health. Several studies have shown that sleep is hig...

Are vegetarian and vegan diets healthy?

A healthy diet is essential to the development and protection of the gut microbiota, which transforms absorbed nutrients. But to protect our intestines and our health, do we have to eat a little of everything or do we have to focus on plants and restrict–or even eliminate–animal products from our di...
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Diet and health: the role of the intestinal microbiota in metabolic diseases

Recent publications underline the connection between the intestinal microbiota and diet and certain diseases like diabetes (types 1 and 2); they also hint at potential therapeutic benefits based on the use of probiotics and prebiotics. For example, we are told that the positive effects of a balan...
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