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Little or no gluten: is it truly better for our microbiota?

Gluten-free diet was initially used by people intolerant to this protein, but it has now become increasingly attractive to healthy adults who are convinced of its benefits. What is the truth? Should we eat less gluten to be healthier? A Danish team investigated this issue…   Gluten is a m...

Living well with your intestines

“Qu'est-ce que tu as dans le ventre [What’s in your stomach?]” is the title of the book written by the journalist Caroline Balma-Chaminadour and the gastroenterologist-proctologist Dr. Philippe Godeberge. What are the keys to calm digestion? How do you prevent digestive tract disorders and diseases?...

Follow the fate of an apple in an artificial digestive world: an actual project!

Is it possible to artificially recreate the different digestion stages for a piece of apple?  The Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (National Institute of Agricultural Research, INRA) has studied the route of the apple through the digestive system, from food ingestion to digestion. ...
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