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Dogs and dust microbiota in asthma prevention: a masterstroke?

Dogs not only bring affection and entertainment into the home, their presence also modifies the dust microbiota, which may have a preventive and protective effect against asthma for young dog owners.   All dog owners have experienced it: their pooch sheds hair everywhere, testing the pati...

Dust microbiota from the city or the countryside? Atopic dermatitis has a preference!

With the lockdown, young children are spending a lot of time at home, surrounded by dust. Exposure to dust microbes may be a protective or risk factor for the development of atopic dermatitis, depending on whether a child lives in the city or the countryside.  Atopic dermatitis (or eczema) i...

A little farm dust for your asthma?

Previous studies have shown that growing up in a farm protects against asthma and allergies. This time, researchers tried to dig deeper by analyzing the microbial composition of dust in farm homes vs. non-farm homes. Objective: identifying an indoor microbiota that promotes good health.   ...
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