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Bacterial sensors: a technological marriage at the service of the gastrointestinal tract

An American team has designed a biosensor composed of a synthetic bacterium and an electronic circuit, opening up a vast new field of research in which the most minute changes taking place in the human gastrointestinal tract are detected.   In the age of self-monitoring and nanorobots, bi...

Surfers contribute to antibiotic resistance

A British study indicates that surfers are more at risk of being infected by antibiotic-resistant bacteria present in seawater.   Bacterial resistance to antibiotics has become a global public health issue. According to some estimates, resistant bacteria could cause close to 10 million de...

E. coli urinary infection: from the intestinal microbiota to the bladder

Does Escherichia coli need to adapt when it passes from its intestinal reservoir to the bladder in order to cause a urinary infection? Danish researchers raised the question.   Urinary infections are very frequent, affecting one in three women at the age of 24. The Escherichia coli bacter...
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