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The 3 key development stages of the gut microbiota in early childhood

An international team of researchers revelated in the journal Nature, that development of gut microbiota occurs between 3 and 46 months of age. Breastfeeding, mode of delivery and environment contribute to the composition of this flora.   The first four years of life are a key period for ...

Glyphosate disrupts the gut microbiota of bees

An American study showed that the most commonly used herbicide in the world seems to modify the gut microbiota* of foraging bees. This alteration could make them more susceptible to opportunistic infections and increase their mortality rate.   Manufacturers of glyphosate insist that their...

The earth is swarming with life: first atlas of good soil bacteria

The microorganisms living in the earth and populating our lands (worms, insects, bacteria, and fungi) ensure the proper functioning of the soil. Scientists from the University of Colorado have examined soil bacteria in order to understand their role in the ecosystem. The objective was to identify th...
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