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Skipping a meal: consequences for the salivary microbiota?

What we eat and when we eat it can affect our microbiota. According to a recent study, the salivary microbiota of teenagers who skip meals is different from that of “regular eaters”.   We now know that our diet shapes the composition of our microbiota and, therefore, our health. While man...

Effects of intermittent fasting on the gut microbiota

Whether for religious reasons or as part of the fasting trend, intermittent fasting is likely to have an impact on our gut microbiota. Although demonstrated in mice, no study had, until now, been carried out among humans and even less so during Ramadan.   Fasting and its effects on the ma...

Fast sugars: bacterial disruptors in our intestines

Researchers discovered a new harmful effect of glucose and fructose on a bacterium deemed beneficial for our intestinal flora. It is a further argument for the reduction of added sugars in our diet.   The WHO recommends that the amount of free sugars does not exceed 10% of the daily ...
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