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Show me your gut flora, and i’ll tell you where you come from

A study published in the journal Cell reveals that migration from a non-Western country to the US could be associated with significant changes in the microbiota’s diversity and functions that could result in a predisposition to metabolic disorders.   International researchers reached this...

The vegan diet, a health risk?

A comparative study of vegans and omnivores concludes that diet influences the salivary microbiota, which could be the source of various inflammatory diseases.   While the impact of diet on the intestinal microbiota has been the subject of many investigations, its impact on the salivary m...

Athletes have a more efficient microbiota

While benefits of sports are well known, the link with the microbiota is just starting to be investigated. An Irish team studied the impact of physical activity on our intestinal flora.   Besides the heart, brain or muscles, the microbiota is an unsuspected beneficiary of physical exercis...
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