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Could the gut microbiota impact our blood sugar levels?

Variation in blood glucose levels after a meal is unique to everyone and largely depends on individual characteristics. The composition of the gut microbiota could very well play an important role, according to a new study that confirms the relevance of developing personalized approaches to prevent ...

Orange juice is good for your microbiota!

Daily consumption of orange juice could improve the composition and functioning of the gut microbiota. More generally, it could have positive effects on health, according to a Brazilian study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food.   Oranges and citruses are not only known for their h...

When gestational diabetes harms the placental microbiota

A pregnancy complicated by an excessively high blood sugar level is the fate of a growing number of expecting mothers… and their unborn babies. A study exposed the harmful consequences of this condition on the bacteria of the placenta, where the first flora of our life is thought to develop. &nbs...
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