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Libido: gut bacteria spoiling the fun

Low libido is often blamed on excessive routine or the passing years. What if there were a less obvious culprit, one quietly nestled inside our gut?   Loss of libido is a sexual disorder with multiple consequences, including reduced quality of life, low self-confidence and self-esteem, an...

Autism: when the gut calls the shots

The gut is often referred to as our second brain. For good reason, since it seems to be intimately linked to the ‘first’ brain. The quality of the gut microbiota is a gauge of our morale, our behavior and even our mental health, and may also influence the severity of symptoms in neurobiological dise...

Depression: gut microbiota the key to diagnosis?

By accurately mapping the microorganisms and compounds that make up the gut microbiota, researchers have established a new method for diagnosing major depressive disorder. The gut microbiota is populated by various microorganisms which synthesize compounds called metabolites that are essential fo...
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