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The impact of contraceptives on the microbiota? Hit and miss!

Do hormones in female contraceptives harm the microbiota? According to science, it all depends on the flora in question: the lactobacilli-dominated vaginal microbiota seems to be protected but the gut microbiota is slightly disturbed.  All women know that the hormonal fluctuations of the men...

Postpartum depression: changes to the gut microbiota under the spotlight

Researchers have recently shown that women suffering from postpartum depression exhibit partial differences in the composition of their gut flora compared to healthy controls.   Many new mothers experience the baby blues after giving birth. However, some mothers (and sometimes even their ...

Gut microbiota, a reflection of our thyroid?

Our gut microbiota could reflect the state of our thyroid’s health, according to a Chinese study that brings to light the link between its composition and the risk of contracting thyroid nodules and cancer. A first step towards the development of potentially useful probiotics?   Thyroid d...
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