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More nature to strengthen the microbiota?

Biodiversity and microbiota: a natural relationship! The first of its kind, a Finnish study has demonstrated the benefits of nature for young children’s skin and gut microbiota and immune system.   Asphalt, detergents, antibiotics, and processed foods are the flipside of modern society: t...

Bacterial flora: the origin of the scent of our armpits

The bacteria of the axillary cutaneous flora are thought to influence the odor which emanates from our armpits... Scents which might have less to do with quality than quantity, and perhaps linked to age, according to a Japanese study.   Tell me how your armpits smell and I will tell you w...

Natural disasters can disrupt the microbiota balance

Poor hygiene conditions can disturb the intestinal microbiota and be responsible for persistent abdominal pain.   Every year, millions of people are victims of natural disasters. They then have to live in poor hygiene conditions and many suffer from persistent abdominal pain, similar to t...
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