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Breast milk: diet during pregnancy is crucial

The impact of diet on the composition of breast milk is higher during pregnancy than during lactation, and this composition is known to play a role in the development of newborns’ gut microbiota.   The feeding method will directly influence the composition of the gut microbiota of newborn...

Infant microbiota: could the drawbacks of a C-section be reduced by breastfeeding?

Although C-sections affect the structure and composition of newborns’ gut microbiota, exclusive breastfeeding could partially restore it, according to a Chinese study published in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology.   C-section, infant formula and antibiotics are regularly associated w...

breastfeeding is essential to the formation of the intestinal microbiota

Breastfeeding is essential to constituting a newborn’s intestinal microbiota, confirms a new study published in the journal Jama Pediatrics.   A baby’s intestinal microbiota develops over the course of the first months of its life: the child’s health depends on the quality of its microbio...
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