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Vaginal dysbiosis: the cause of certain cases of infertility?

With a birth rate exceeding 52%, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is the technique of choice for treating infertility. For some women, however, the transferred embryo fails to implant, preventing any hope of pregnancy. Might an imbalance in the vaginal microbiota be the cause?   Defined as th...

Bacteria in our nose

Lactobacilli are bacteria commonly found in dairy products, but they can also live in our nose. Certain, particularly hairy, species of lactobacilli may reduce the risk of sinusitis.   References to lactobacilli may make you think of yogurt (rich in these bacteria) or the intestinal micro...

The prevention of bacterial vaginosis could depend on what you eat

According to a study, a low intake of betaine, found in sugar beet, seafood, wheat bran and spinach, could increase the risk of vaginosis. Betaine also plays a key role in liver, cardiovascular and kidney health.   Bacterial vaginosis is a frequent, difficult-to-treat female disorder caus...
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