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COPD: disruption of the respiratory microbiota

The respiratory flora of individuals suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is less diverse than that of healthy individuals, and that seems to worsen as the disease progresses, according to a Swiss team.   Chronic cough, sputum and shortness of breath are the main signs of ...

A better understanding of infantile asthma through the lung microbiota

Knowledge of the specific impact of the lung microbiota on childhood asthma–an expanding field of research–is still limited. To find out more, Korean researchers conducted a very detailed genetic analysis.   Their initial hypothesis was that the differences between the study groups could ...

The role of the intestinal microbiota in respiratory infections

The involvement of the intestinal microbiota in certain respiratory diseases opens the door for new therapeutic options. But we still need to understand the underlying mechanisms.   Researchers recently rediscovered the critical role the intestinal microbiota plays in our defense mechanis...
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