Are cow’s milk allergy and gut microbiota related?

Could we prevent and/or cure cow's milk protein allergy by restoring the microbiota of at-risk children? This hypothesis seems to be confirmed by studies published in the Nature Medicine journal.   Cow's milk protein allergy affects a lot of newborns fed with infant formula. It appears as...

Prematurity: breastfeeding may very well make the difference

Breastfeeding plays a major role in the development of newborns’ intestinal and oral microbiota. It is especially important in premature babies: starting breastfeeding as early as possible could promote the development of a protective ecosystem.   Breastfeeding is a practice recommended b...

The 3 key development stages of the gut microbiota in early childhood

An international team of researchers revelated in the journal Nature, that development of gut microbiota occurs between 3 and 46 months of age. Breastfeeding, mode of delivery and environment contribute to the composition of this flora.   The first four years of life are a key period for ...
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