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The benefits of eating fish during pregnancy

Everyone knows that maternal diet during pregnancy significantly influences the health of the future infant. Less well-known is that the consumption of fish directly modulates the maternal gut microbiota.   Reduced risk of premature birth, improvement of maternal mood, better development ...

Can we evaluate the risk of childhood obesity based on the intestinal flora?

The composition of the gut microbiota of a two-year old child could predict their subsequent risk of obesity, according to a Norwegian study that opens up new outlooks on the prevention of this disorder that keeps gaining ground all over the world.   Although poor diet and insufficient ph...

Pregnancy and breastfeeding: omega-3 to avoid excess weight in children?

The intestinal flora of babies is said to influence their overweight status and be dependent on the dietary habits of the mother. The risk of excess weight in the child can be strongly impacted by the balance between omega-3 and omega-6  intake during pregnancy and breastfeeding.   W...
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