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Olfactory training and nasal microbiota: two paths to recovery from covid-related loss of smell?

Loss of smell is a classic symptom of Covid-19. Particularly troubling for patients, this disorder is also a serious disability. Studies combining daily olfactory training and an analysis of the nasal microbiota are currently under way to help patients regain their sense of smell.  Loss of s...

Microbiota, asthma and antibiotics: it’s all in the nose!

We know that infants exposed to antibiotics are more likely to develop asthma at a later stage in life but science still struggles to explain the mechanisms behind this correlation. One clue seems to be right under our nose, or rather inside it! The nasal microbiota appears to play a central role. ...

Bacteria in our nose

Lactobacilli are bacteria commonly found in dairy products, but they can also live in our nose. Certain, particularly hairy, species of lactobacilli may reduce the risk of sinusitis.   References to lactobacilli may make you think of yogurt (rich in these bacteria) or the intestinal micro...
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