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Bacteria in our nose

Lactobacilli are bacteria commonly found in dairy products, but they can also live in our nose. Certain, particularly hairy, species of lactobacilli may reduce the risk of sinusitis.   References to lactobacilli may make you think of yogurt (rich in these bacteria) or the intestinal micro...

Could acute respiratory infections in children be determined by the nasal microbiota?

Why are some children more vulnerable than others to acute respiratory infections in general, and in particular to lower airways infections (trachea, bronchi, lungs)? The authors of a study published in the British Medical Journal question the role of the nasal microbiota, whose composition could de...

What is the link between sleep apnea and the nasal microbiota?

Obstructive sleep apnea is associated with a modification of the nasal microbiota and increased inflammation, two events which are thought to be self-sustaining and to exacerbate the disorder, according to a new study.   Sleep apnea is a common disorder associated with inflammation of the...
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