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The gut microbiota: a weighty factor in dieting

Tell me about your gut microbiota and I’ll tell you if you’ll lose weight: this is essentially the message of a Chinese research team which claims that our gut bacteria can predict our ability to lose weight during a diet.   A “metabolic” injustice all too familiar... some lose excess wei...

Can avocados help us lose weight?

Avocados may be rich in fats but have many dietary benefits. Already recognized for their cardiovascular benefits, avocados may also promote the excretion of fats ingested by overweight or obese people, by modifying their gut microbiota.   Despite their high fat and caloric content, avoca...

Post-diet weight gain: the microbiota’s anti-yo-yo effect

Regaining the lost pounds is the dread of all dieters. But a few grams of gut microbiota gained during the diet may be enough to limit this “yo-yo” effect.   Rigorous monitoring of food intake is often required to avoid the infamous post-diet yo-yo effect. But is there another solution? A...
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Diet and health: the role of the intestinal microbiota in metabolic diseases

Recent publications underline the connection between the intestinal microbiota and diet and certain diseases like diabetes (types 1 and 2); they also hint at potential therapeutic benefits based on the use of probiotics and prebiotics. For example, we are told that the positive effects of a balan...

Obesity and excess weight : Does your gut microbiota affect your waistline?

The global scourge of obesity has skyrocketed in just 30 short years. No region of the world has now been spared, with more people dying from eating too much than from not eating enough. Too much fat, too much sugar, not enough exercise... The disease is still too often associated with an unhealt...
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