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When gestational diabetes harms the placental microbiota

A pregnancy complicated by an excessively high blood sugar level is the fate of a growing number of expecting mothers… and their unborn babies. A study exposed the harmful consequences of this condition on the bacteria of the placenta, where the first flora of our life is thought to develop. &nbs...

Genesis of intestinal flora in babies: where are we now?

Does microbial colonization begin in utero? A review published in the journal Nature summarizes the history of research and opinions on a controversial subject which has not yet yielded all its secrets.   Experts have long considered the uterus to be a completely sterile environment. This...

Is stress passed down from mother to daughter?

What mechanisms make mice, who were subjected to maternal stress in utero, develop anxiety/depressive disorders as adults?   That’s the question an American team, whose work on female mice was published in the journal "Brain, Behavior and Immunity", wanted to answer, The researchers made ...
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