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Ozone pollution alters the gut microbiota

For the first time a study has shown that exposure to air pollution–and particularly ozone pollution–alters the composition and function of the intestinal flora in humans.   The fine particles and pollutants in the air we breathe not only poison our lungs, but apparently disrupt the intes...

Pollution, excess weight and microbiota: connections have been identified

Recent studies seem to indicate that an increased exposure to traffic-related air pollution plays an important role in type 2 diabetes. A team of American researchers showed that it also affected the intestinal microbiota of overweight or obese teenagers, and was thus detrimental to the proper metab...

Stop particulate matter! the balance of the pulmonary microbiota depends on it!

Exposure to suspended particulate matter produced by vehicles may change the pulmonary microbiota and affect immune response in only a few weeks.   Although we already know that the inhalation of suspended particulate matter (SPM)-- mixtures of cigarette smoke, dust, and other pollutants-...
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