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Microplastics: a true feast for bacteria!

Toxic bacteria that colonize plastic microparticles polluting the earth’s water supply–even more so in areas with strong human activity and high maritime traffic–, could be able to cause coral reefs bleaching and infections in humans.   About one third of the world’s annual plastic produc...

Natural disasters can disrupt the microbiota balance

Poor hygiene conditions can disturb the intestinal microbiota and be responsible for persistent abdominal pain.   Every year, millions of people are victims of natural disasters. They then have to live in poor hygiene conditions and many suffer from persistent abdominal pain, similar to t...

Pollution, excess weight and microbiota: conections have been identified

Recent studies seem to indicate that an increased exposure to traffic-related air pollution plays an important role in type 2 diabetes. A team of American researchers showed that it also affected the intestinal microbiota of overweight or obese teenagers, and was thus detrimental to the proper metab...
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