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Could acute respiratory infections in children be determined by the nasal microbiota?

Why are some children more vulnerable than others to acute respiratory infections in general, and in particular to lower airways infections (trachea, bronchi, lungs)? The authors of a study published in the British Medical Journal question the role of the nasal microbiota, whose composition could de...

The severity of bronchiolitis depends on babies’ nasal flora

The risk and severity of bronchiolitis may be associated with the bacterial composition of the respiratory microbiota that lines babies’ noses, according to an American study.   In the United States, bronchiolitis is the second leading cause of emergency room visits and the primary cause ...

The role of the intestinal microbiota in respiratory infections

The involvement of the intestinal microbiota in certain respiratory diseases opens the door for new therapeutic options. But we still need to understand the underlying mechanisms.   Researchers recently rediscovered the critical role the intestinal microbiota plays in our defense mechanis...
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