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Skipping a meal: consequences for the salivary microbiota?

What we eat and when we eat it can affect our microbiota. According to a recent study, the salivary microbiota of teenagers who skip meals is different from that of “regular eaters”.   We now know that our diet shapes the composition of our microbiota and, therefore, our health. While man...

Athletes: think about protecting your oral flora!

High-level athletes are more vulnerable to cavities and gum disease (gingivitis), dental plaque, chronic dental diseases… Is their mouth more fragile? A study of the oral microbiota of professional rugby players by a French team seems to confirm it.   Since a number of observations were m...

The vegan diet, a health risk?

A comparative study of vegans and omnivores concludes that diet influences the salivary microbiota, which could be the source of various inflammatory diseases.   While the impact of diet on the intestinal microbiota has been the subject of many investigations, its impact on the salivary m...
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