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Living at altitude changes the composition of the skin

Although we know that the diversity of the cutaneous microbiota is influenced in part by the environment, we don’t know the effect of altitude on that ecosystem.   Living at very high altitude exposes the skin to extreme conditions: low atmospheric pressure, lack of oxygen, increased expo...

Diabetes changes the cutaneous microbiota, making healing more difficult

Compared to the general population, the skin of diabetic patients harbors a less rich cutaneous microbiota, which is likely to prevent chronic wounds from healing.   Diabetes, a real healthcare crisis, is characterized by elevated blood sugar, due to the insufficient production of insulin...

Dietary supplements for acne?

Acne is a complex skin disease that involves several mechanisms. Among them, the colonization of the cutaneous microbiota by Propionibacterium acnes requires this cutaneous condition to be treated with antibiotics. However, the massive use of these medications poses its own problems (development of ...
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The skin

How can the intestinal microbiota influence skin problems? Research has shown connections between the two.
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