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Coconut oil for the scalp microbiota!

We’ve all had dandruff on our shirt collar or shoulders. These small, stubborn and unsightly flakes are an extremely common chronic scalp disorder. A recent study has shown that coconut oil can help maintain a healthy scalp by improving the scalp microbiota. What do you brush away only for it to ...

How does urbanization impact our microbiota?

According to a groundbreaking study published in Nature Microbiology, urbanization is associated to changes in the microbial ecosystem and an increase in chemical deposits in dwellings. If you live in the city, follow our advice: remain close to nature and avoid excessive hygiene habits!   ...

Sweat odor: a microbial affair

Before puberty, people can shed liters of sweat and still smell (relatively) good. But after puberty, it is a different story! Why does sweat starts smelling foul in adolescence? A team of Asian researchers tried to answer this question, since it is a source of insecurity for many teenagers. &nbs...
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The skin

How can the intestinal microbiota influence skin problems? Research has shown connections between the two.
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