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Sweat odor: a microbial affair

Before puberty, people can shed liters of sweat and still smell (relatively) good. But after puberty, it is a different story! Why does sweat starts smelling foul in adolescence? A team of Asian researchers tried to answer this question, since it is a source of insecurity for many teenagers. &nbs...

Hair microbiota: a new geolocation tool?

The microbiota of body hair does not have the same composition as that of head hair, which is more influenced by the environment, according to an American study. This discovery opens up new prospects, especially in the forensic field.   Like the skin, hair hosts its own microbiota which i...

Bacterial flora: the origin of the scent of our armpits

The bacteria of the axillary cutaneous flora are thought to influence the odor which emanates from our armpits... Scents which might have less to do with quality than quantity, and perhaps linked to age, according to a Japanese study.   Tell me how your armpits smell and I will tell you w...
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