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Ruminococcus gnavus and the big bad lupus

The microbiota was suspected to play a role in lupus (at least in its most common form called “systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE”), a rare chronic autoimmune disease which is difficult to diagnose. Thanks to recent work by an American team, a specific bacterium has now been singled out: Ruminococc...

Is it possible to prevent allergies by feeding cheese to your children?

A European study shows that children who eat cheese from the age of 18 months are less prone to developing allergies during their first six years of life.   Cheddar, Stilton, blue cheese or camembert … To prevent the onset of food and skin allergies, children’s diet should include signifi...

Sweat odor: a microbial affair

Before puberty, people can shed liters of sweat and still smell (relatively) good. But after puberty, it is a different story! Why does sweat starts smelling foul in adolescence? A team of Asian researchers tried to answer this question, since it is a source of insecurity for many teenagers. &nbs...
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