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Diabetes changes the cutaneous microbiota, making healing more difficult

Compared to the general population, the skin of diabetic patients harbors a less rich cutaneous microbiota, which is likely to prevent chronic wounds from healing.   Diabetes, a real healthcare crisis, is characterized by elevated blood sugar, due to the insufficient production of insulin...

Antibiotic cream make cutaneous infections more likely

Antibiotics and antiseptics disrupt skin microbiota, which increases the risk of colonization by pathogenic bacteria   Although soap is useful for removing bacteria picked up from the environment, it isn’t good to remove all bacteria from the skin. A study conducted at the University of P...

Mosquitos attracted by your microbiota

Do you get bitten by mosquitos? Blame certain compounds produced by your cutaneous flora.   Why do some people attract more mosquitos than others? To find out, researchers studied two species of mosquitos, Anopheles gambiae and An. arabiensis, which are major disease vectors (particularly...
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