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Confirmed links between insomnia, microbiota, and inflammation?

A study has shed light on the links between gut microbiota, inflammation and insomnia, a very common sleep disorder that affects 10%-50% of adults worldwide. Further details below.   Insomnia is a condition that interferes with onset, maintenance, and quality of sleep. It is generally lin...

Is the gut microbiota the key to high-quality sleep?

Are you sleepy during this lockdown? This is normal during a period of stress, the quality of our sleep can be disturbed. Don't underestimate the gut-brain axis: taking care of your gut microbiota (or gut flora) would affect mental and physical health. Several studies have shown that sleep is hig...

What is the link between sleep apnea and the nasal microbiota?

Obstructive sleep apnea is associated with a modification of the nasal microbiota and increased inflammation, two events which are thought to be self-sustaining and to exacerbate the disorder, according to a new study.   Sleep apnea is a common disorder associated with inflammation of the...
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